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· No obscene or offensive content in any shape or form anywhere within this wiki.

· No spam! This page is for useful Gladiator Heroes information. If it concerns Gladiator Heroes, it is relevant so don´t be afraid to contribute, just make sure you research first to make sure there is no false information.

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· No bullying – this page is created to bring Gladiator Heroes players together. We are all at different levels and abilities within the game and all choose to play it in our own way, so respect that!

· Only certain areas of this wiki can be edited to avoid important facts being altered. Please contribute anything you can to the public pages, just stick to the rules. If you think any of the information being presented is incorrect, or you have some suggestions to improve it, leave a comment and we’ll look into it.

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· Do not create new categories without an administrator’s permission – too many categories will complicate the page! So let’s keep it as easy to use and useful as possible.