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Knowing your opponent

Adrastia is a Dual Weapons Gladiator. Meaning that she is fast and can attack you twice in the same turn. She will try to find your gladiator´s back in either her first or second attack. If she finds your back you will be weakened significantly. Once she has attacked she will flee as far away from you as possible in order to avoid a counter attack. Refer to the opponents page to further understand her characteristics.

Who is best to defeat her?

The more gladiators you use to defeat her the more chance you have! However this will mean earning less Xp. So think carefully about who you will use and whether they are too experienced or not experienced enough.

It is also extremely helpful to use a gladiator with a skill. Attacking skills, such as “jump and attack”, will help to weaken her straight away. Passive skills such as “gain 10% defence when up against a dual wield gladiator” will also give you more chance of success. Use attacking skills as quickly as possible, you need to weaken her before she attacks you.

If you still cannot win, your gladiators mustn't have enough power to defeat her. Train them up and put them in different battles to try to give them enough experience to level up so that their characteristics improve.

If you have a dual wield gladiator they are extremely effective. They use the same combat tactics, so will be able to use Adrastia´s strengths against her. Your dual wield gladiator will also be fast, able to attack twice in a single turn and will flee if possible. They are also more likely to find her back to weaken her significantly. However they will only be able to benefit the battle if their rank, level and training are high enough.

Where to place your gladiators

If using either dual wield or sword and shield gladiators place one gladiator at the opposite side to Adrastia as close to the wall as possible and the others also at the opposite side to her, but close to the side walls rather than against the opposite will to her. So all gladiators should be as far away from her as possible but, spread out from one another and against a wall. This means that Adrastia spends all of her first turn travelling towards your gladiators rather then attacking them. Your gladiators will attack first so she is weakened before you.

If you are using two handed gladiators place all of them in the other half of the arena to Adrastia, but next to the side walls not at the wall which is opposite to her. They are too slow to get to her from the back wall so need to be a bit closer, but not so close that she attacks first.