The Sword and Shield Training Ground is an area to train your sword and shield gladiators. Any other kind of gladiator must be trained in the area relevant to their battle style. It is important to keep your gladiators training level to the highest level possible in order to strengthen the chances of victory. If your gladiator does not fight for a while they will need to return to this area to refresh their training. The sword and shield area first becomes available after your first battle when HQ is at level 1. The sword and shield ground is also the place where your sword and shield gladiators go to level up. There are three sword and shield training grounds to access for your city, your HQ has to be at a certain level to find each one of these. The more training facilities you have, the more gladiators you can train at once. As you upgrade your building the level of gladiator that can train there and the highest level a gladiator can train to increases. In order to upgrade these training facilities the HQ must be at a certain level. Each time you upgrade Xp points are contributed to the city´s level.

Progression Table Edit

Sword & Shield Training Ground Progression Table
Level HQ Level Required Max Gladiator Level XP Gained Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Upgrade Now
1 1 Gladiator stats rank icon 1, Level 5 +1 300 Hud resource wood 5s
2 5 Gladiator stats rank icon 1, Level 10 +8 7069 Hud resource wood 1h, 39m, 28s 46 Hud resource gem
3 6 Gladiator stats rank icon 2, Level 5 +13 11303 Hud resource wood 2152 Hud resource stone 2h, 23m, 36s 68 Hud resource gem
4 7 Gladiator stats rank icon 2, Level 10 +17 18209 Hud resource wood 3232 Hud resource stone 3h, 44m, 3s 135 Hud resource gem
5 8 Gladiator stats rank icon 3, Level 5 +22 30411 Hud resource wood 5737 Hud resource stone 5h, 37m, 35s 193 Hud resource gem
6 10 Gladiator stats rank icon 3, Level 10 +30 66634 Hud resource wood 17410 Hud resource stone 3955 Hud resource iron 7h, 24m, 7s 259 Hud resource gem
7 12 Gladiator stats rank icon 4, Level 5 +39 156249 Hud resource wood 53892 Hud resource stone 19846 Hud resource iron 9h, 39m, 35s 419 Hud resource gem
8 14 Gladiator stats rank icon 4, Level 10 +50 420177 Hud resource wood 205267 Hud resource stone 87787 Hud resource iron 13h, 15m, 9s 770 Hud resource gem
9 16 Gladiator stats rank icon 5, Level 5 +60 1314637 Hud resource wood 647912 Hud resource stone 378057 Hud resource iron 18h, 36m, 17s 1644 Hud resource gem
10 18 Gladiator stats rank icon 5, Level 10 +72 2102293 Hud resource wood 1526086 Hud resource stone 1080128 Hud resource iron 1d, 1h, 16m, 23s 2553 Hud resource gem