The League of Heroes is the official classification of all the lanistae that participate in the Games of Glory. As your fame increases, your ranking in the League will increase too. There are 10 categories in this classification:

  • Wood (no fame needed)
  • League of heroes1
    Silver (550 fame)
  • Gold (1750 fame)
  • Centurion (3850 fame)
  • Imperator (7000 fame)
  • Legend (11300 fame)
  • Titan (17000 fame)
  • God I (24500 fame)
  • God II (34500 fame)

After reaching city level 6 and unlocking the Games of Glory, you will automatically be entered in the Wood category of the League. As you start amassing fame, your League category will rise up too... but be careful, because if you start losing battles, your fame will decrease too. Don't let your opponents steal your glory!

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