• Tutorial Girl poses-1
    For sculptures that increase production place them in the centre of your production buildings. The more buildings that are near it, the more will be affected.
  • A way to receive big gems is to destroy a small sculpture. Instead of receiving several

small gems you will receive one large one.

  • When battling use a gladiator whose skill level isn´t too high for the battle – they

are more likely to gain experience (Xp points) from the battle. The more experience a gladiator gains the more chance they have of levelling up.

  • When a building has a green arrow in front of it it means that it is ready for an


  • It is less expensive to train your gladiator 5 times, before leveling him (Rk."x" Lv.2.)
  • Use your gladiator in a battle in order to level them up.
  • Arena 68 is just for sword&shield (3x)keep that in mind or you're stuck.
  • Arena 47 is excellent for leveling up. The arena is divided in two halves that you can fight one by one.