The Games of Glory are the multiplayer arena in Gladiator Heroes, where you will face the gladiators of other lanistae from all over the world.

Difficulties and rewards Edit

There are three possible difficulties for you to choose from whenever you venture into the Games of Glory. These three difficulty options are displayed on the left of the portrait where you have to tap in order to look for opponents; by default, the difficulty will be set to "Normal", but you can change it to "Hard" or "Epic" just by tapping the other middle or lower icons.

Games of glory

Normal difficulty: You will be matched against another lanista with a power level similar to yours. The reward chests that you will obtain from these battles are no different to the ones that you would get from Normal challenges, but you will obtain two special rewards; one multiplayer Wood Token and one Silver Ticket.

Hard difficulty: To play one of these matches, you will need to spend 5 Silver Tickets. You will be matched against another lanista with a power level above yours, which will make the chest rewards a little better and grant you two rewards; one multiplayer Silver Token and one Golden Ticket.

Epic difficulty: To play the ultimate multiplayer match, you are going to have to work for it. You will need to spend 5 Golden Tickets, and you will be matched against one of the highest ranking lanistae in the League of Heroes. If you manage to win against this formidable foe, you will be granted better chest rewards, alongside one of the highly prized multiplayer Golden Tokens.

The League of Heroes Edit

The League of Heroes is the official classification of all the lanistae that participate in the Games of Glory. As your fame increases, your ranking in the League will increase too. There are 10 categories in this classification:

  • Wood (no fame needed)
  • League of heroes1
    Silver (550 fame)
  • Gold (1750 fame)
  • Centurion (3850 fame)
  • Imperator (7000 fame)
  • Legend (11300 fame)
  • Titan (17000 fame)
  • God I (24500 fame)
  • God II (34500 fame)

After reaching city level 6 and unlocking the Games of Glory, you will automatically be entered in the Wood category of the League. As you start amassing fame, your League category will rise up too... but be careful, because if you start losing battles, your fame will decrease too. Don't let your opponents steal your glory!