The Dual Weapons Training Ground is first made available to the game when the HQ is at level 6. This is the place for your gladiators who battle with dual weapons to train and level up. It is important to keep your gladiators training level to the highest level it can be in order to strengthen the chances of victory. If your gladiator does not fight for a while they will need to return to this area to refresh their training. As you upgrade your building the level of gladiator that can train there and the highest level a gladiator can train to increases. In order for you to be able to upgrade your two hands training ground the HQ has to be at a certain level. There are 3 of these training facilities available; the more training facilities you have the more gladiators you can train at once. You gain more training facilities as your HQ upgrades.

Progression Table Edit

Dual Weapons Training Ground Progression Table
Level HQ Level Required Max Gladiator Level XP Gained Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Upgrade Now
1 6 Gladiator stats rank icon 2, Level 5 +8 10000 Hud resource wood 2000 Hud resource stone 2h 30 Hud resource gem
2 7 Gladiator stats rank icon 2, Level 10 +12 16002 Hud resource wood 3076 Hud resource stone 3h, 13m, 38s 83 Hud resource gem
3 8 Gladiator stats rank icon 3, Level 5 +17 25866 Hud resource wood 5356 Hud resource stone 5h, 1m, 54s 118 Hud resource gem
4 10 Gladiator stats rank icon 3, Level 10 +25 56951 Hud resource wood 15550 Hud resource stone 3692 Hud resource iron 6h, 34m, 22s 196 Hud resource gem
5 12 Gladiator stats rank icon 4, Level 5 +34 135210 Hud resource wood 46040 Hud resource stone 19947 Hud resource iron 8h, 34m, 19s 343 Hud resource gem
6 14 Gladiator stats rank icon 4, Level 10 +44 352758 Hud resource wood 171665 Hud resource stone 80288 Hud resource iron 11h, 46m, 13s 655 Hud resource gem
7 16 Gladiator stats rank icon 5, Level 5 +55 1038831 Hud resource wood 538063 Hud resource stone 347604 Hud resource iron 16h, 40m, 23s 1404 Hud resource gem
8 18 Gladiator stats rank icon 5, Level 10 +67 1782312 Hud resource wood 1285388 Hud resource stone 975250 Hud resource iron 22h, 49m, 54s 2317 Hud resource gem