Plains of Mercurio Edit

Set in a beautiful forest, the Plains of Mercurio is where your first battle takes place. The arena takes full advantage of its forest surroundings, comprising of mostly wood and grass. The boss you will face here will be Adrastia.

The Coliseum Edit

Based on the renowned amphitheater of Ancient Rome, the Coliseum is one of the more luxurious arenas. The arena is round in shape and draped in red and gold. The boss you will face in the Coliseum is The Nightmare.

Basic Arena Edit

The basic arena is similar in appearance to the Coliseum, but with a little less luxury. The bosses you will face here are The Aetius Brothers and Imperium.

Frozen Ground Edit

You cross the border at Snow Pass into the traitorous Frozen Ground. The boss you will face here is Winter Beast.                 

The Blacksun Abyss Edit

Filled with doom and gloom, the Blacksun Abyss is not for the faint hearted as it is made of bones and stakes amidst a constant electrical storm. The boss you will face here is The Wall.

Cerberus Chamber Edit

Cerberus Chamber is surrounded by volcanic activity. A dark setting illuminated by the constantly flowing lava. The boss that you will face here is The Undertaker.

The Oblivion Pit Edit

Based in the heart of the desert, this arena is very sparse, containing nothing more than sand and rocks. The boss you will face here is Black Mamba.

The Weeping Estuary Edit

This arena, based in the heart of the jungle, is damp and full of moss. The boss you will face here is God’s hunter.

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