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How to get an helmet at Rk4?

Hey Guys,
I ve been hitting rk4 with 3 gladias but i can t drop any helmet so far and i m RK4 lvl 7 , does anyone have any answer please :)?
thanks from Zion!
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Essa merda de jogo não deve ter suporte.meu mapa travou na arena 77 mesmo com a caravana no nível máximo atualizado.
E o mapa não desbloqueia.
Que raiva.
Lixo deve jogo não tem adm suporte
you have to hit the challenge 0-2 arenas that populate the map every few hours open the chests after your victory (you can open at least 6 with free keys or all 9 if you have the gems). Also, the coins you earn after each map accumulate so you can open wooden chests every 4 hours at a cost of 10 coins per chest. Be patient and good luck!
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